What will a Sainsbury and ASDA merger mean for UK retail?

The confirmation in April 2018 of a merger between retail grocery giants Sainsbury’s and ASDA will likely have a massive impact on the UK retail market. Whether that impact will be good or bad remains to be seen. With previous individual market shares of 15.9 per cent and 15.5 per cent respectively, the combined share of more than 30 per cent means this new “super” supermarket will become the country’s grocery leader.

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Competitive Edge

This means that the new store, which has not yet been named, will hold almost a third of the market share, toppling Tesco off the top of grocery leader board. This potential domination of the retail arena could see the recent popularity of discount stores such as Lidl or Aldi, who are increasing their own market share, diminish; such a merger will give Sainsbury’s and ASDA the competitive edge.

Own-Brand vs Premium

Historically, the Sainsbury’s brand has been synonymous with the better-off shopper, although introductions of a discount range and the clothing “Tu” have helped to reach customers who are less affluent. With ASDA making their reputation on their discounted range and George clothing line, offering excellent value for money, they now offer a premium range, which has attracted a different customer base in recent years.

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In Store Media

With an already healthy customer base, how is the new venture going to attract further customers to its stores? One of the ways they will do this is the through in store media, which has been proven to enhance the customer journey; see https://moodmedia.co.uk/in-store-music-for-business/. Finding the right music can not only improve a customer’s shopping experience, but it can also have an influence on whether they return time and time again.

Future Success

No matter what the future holds for the UK’s retail market, with two of the country’s grocery heavyweights joining forces, consumers will likely receive a new and innovative kind of customer experience. Hoping that this powerful union will dominate the retail landscape, the forces behind the merger will be strategising ways to eliminate the competition, particularly the European discount stores. With customer loyalty being high on the wish list of all supermarkets, maybe it isn’t going to be quite as easy as Sainsbury’s and ASDA are hoping it will be.… Read More

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From CEO to CGO: How to Become a Chief Growth Officer?

Are you, as a small business owner, interested in becoming a Chief Growth Officer (CGO)? Are you on the lookout for a reliable business funding provider that can provide you with business financing at affordable rates? Just read this article and you’ll get answers to your questions.

Who Is a Chief Growth Officer (CGO)?

The three letters, CEO, have been around for too long in the business world. Why has the business world become so much interested in CGOs (Chief Growth Officers)? It’s simple. Business owners want growth more than anything else.

A Chief Growth Officer is capable of executing across the main activity areas that drive growth. These key areas include business development, sales, marketing, and product development. Investment, IT, and finance could also be included here. The advent of the Internet and Digital Age has made the role of Chief Growth Officers more important than ever before.

Who Is a Chief Growth Officer and What Does a CGO Do?

  • Is a great leader who inspires people
  • Builds a keen relationship and team inside and outside the company
  • Has hunter mentality and is a natural deal closer
  • Understands strategic direction
  • Creative and innovative persona
  • Deeply understands the Internet, digital strategies, and associated metrics

A CGO is too important for modern businesses. However, access to working capital is important as well. If you need business funding for your business, turn to a reliable and experienced alternative online lender. Why not go for First American Merchant? With a reputable business funding provider, you can get the best deal for your business.

How to Become a Chief Growth Officer (CGO)?

Business development, sales, marketing, and product development can’t exist in isolation: they’re all connected. What do businesses need? They need to drive growth and revenue. That’s where a Chief Growth Officer comes into play.

Are you interested in becoming a CGO? How can you get the three letters, CGO, behind your name? Just focus on the following:

  • Put customers in the center of your mission. Your business can’t have unhappy and unsatisfied customers.

  • Change is inevitable. Adapt to change.

  • Don’t lose focus on what really brings in the cash. Don’t get bored. Examine the main actions that put cash in your register. Place them at the top of your to-do list every day.

  • It takes money to grow a business. You need to market, make payroll, pay for inventory, etc. Take the time to analyze your return on investment (ROI). Figure out the best ways to fund the activities that require money.

The Chief Growth Officer is someone who bears responsibility for establishing and accelerating current business growth. The CGO aims at paving the way for sustained future development.

Author Bio: Business Funding expert, Michael Hollis prides himself on being able to help the backbone of America; small business owners. When he isn’t helping merchants, you’re more than likely to find him scuba diving the California coast or eating at one of LA’s tasty Vegan restaurants. First American Merchant is America’s Read More

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Platinum, the reliable form of investing

 Platinum is a precious stone, which over the centuries been used as jewellery and as a measure of wealth in the era of barter trade. The name platinum is a derivative from Spanish term ‘Platina’ that loosely translates to ‘small silver’. The white stone is relatively scarce and this makes the stone more valuable compared to other precious metals. Platinum in comparison to other precious metals like gold, silver, and diamond has a shorter trading history although the short trading period; the results are promising.

Why invest in Platinum?

  1. Platinum has better price performance. In the recent one decade, the platinum market price has risen due to the last decade unfavourable economic times, which led to global inflation rates going up. People turned to precious stones, and this led more people investing in Platinum in the form of bars as well as valuable ornaments made of platinum to retain the value of money. This scenario was due to inflation and money value affected.
  1. It is a scarcer commodity in comparison to other precious stones like gold and silver. A more significant percentage of this rare product comes from Russia and South Africa. The cost of refining the ore is also relatively expensive in terms of energy used and the complexity. When subjected to market forces, this translated to better prices. The natural deposits are not renewable, and hence the current scarcity of the precious stone is subject to raise.
  1. In the recent past, the precious stone has continued to grow in demand in investments as well as industrial manufacture of valuables. More people are opting to wear ornaments made from platinum as well as investing in platinum bars and physical coins. This trend of demand is not likely to stop due to stability in the value of platinum.

Platinum prices in the past one year have been relatively low and financial experts unanimously agree that this is the perfect time to invest. Economic analyses consistently agree that the future of platinum is better and worth funding. The prices of both platinum coins and bars is expected to rise due to fashion trend of owning platinum jewellery as well as South African deposits continues to get less.

Indigo Precious Metals Company provides an all-around platinum buying, delivery after buying and storage. The company has the best support of professionals who take the potential investor through the process of investment. Apart from that, Indigo Precious Metals is fully secure.… Read More

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