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Know How to Open a Stock Account to Buy Shares

How do you start investing in stocks? How do I open a stock account and start buying shares? This time my Finance will try to discuss about how to open a stock account and how to buy shares for beginners.

Starting a Stock Investment

Of the many investment instruments, stocks are an attractive form of investment. This is because stocks are one of the investment instruments that have large returns in a relatively short period of time.
Many investors want to invest in stocks, but there are some things that novice investors need to know about starting a stock investment. Therefore in this article, we will discuss how to start a stock investment from opening a stock account to buying shares. Before we start discussing how to buy shares, let’s start from how to open a stock account.

Stock Account Requirements

The process of opening a stock account is quite simple. Before you try to open a stock account, there are several conditions that you need to prepare to be able to open a stock account. After you have prepared all the requirements above, then you can begin to determine which securities you choose. If you are still confused to determine which securities, you can read first the tips on choosing a stock broker from us. Hopefully you get a broker that suits you.
Open a Stock Account
Once you know the requirements, here are the steps you can take to open your stock account:

# 1 Meet Brokers and Make Accounts
After you have determined the broker’s choice, if you intend to open a stock account online, you can download the online form provided by the securities company on its website, then fill in and send it.
Or if you have a friend who can recommend a particular broker, you can also make an appointment with a broker to meet directly to open your account.

# 2 Fill in the Form and Attach Requirements
After you meet with a broker, you can fill out an account opening form, including a stock account and investor fund account. Form filling is similar to when opening an account at a bank. It is recommended to fill in correctly each column on the account opening form. Don’t forget to attach the account opening requirements as described above.

# 3 Choose and Open the RDI
In addition, the form for opening a stock account generally consists of two parts, namely the opening of a stock account and the opening of an investor fund account (RDI).
• The opening of the Share Account is to open an account with a securities company, and also for data submitted to the Indonesian Central Securities Depository (KSEI). This is a stock storage account that you have.
• While the Investor Fund Account (RDI) is an account of your funds, which is placed in the bank, separate from the securities company account. The benefit of RDI is that you have your own bank account for the entire settlement of Read More

Smart Tips for Investing Stocks for Beginner Investors

Investing in stocks is easy, and as a beginner investor you need to read and learn a lot so that your stock investment will produce satisfying results.
Here are tips you can do in investing in stocks:

1. Start small
Just like learning to swim, you don’t immediately plunge into a deep pool right? Stock investments also start small, the more you learn and the more you are sure of the strategy and company you invest, you begin to increase the amount of money you invest. It doesn’t need big, just starting from 100 thousand rupiahs every month.

2. Routine buying shares
Although the amount is small, but you have to be routine in buying shares, the cool term is to save shares. The first year of each month is 100 thousand rupiah, then the following year it rises to 200 thousand rupiahs and so on. In addition to regularly buying shares every month, you can also apply the Dollar Cost Averaging principle.

3. Take advantage of “The Power of Compounding”
Believe it not only with an investment of 500 thousand rupiah per month and a yield of 15% per year can you have 3.5 billion rupiah in 30 years? Even though the total money you invest is only 180 million. That is the power of Compound Interest.

4. Buy company shares that you know
No need to bother looking for a good company for you to invest, just look for a company whose product you know and then you are sure the company’s product will still be used for another 10 or 30 years. Then you regularly review the financial condition every 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. After you are sure this is a good company, you routinely buy shares of this company every month.

5. Learn to share first in a virtual account
Still in doubt? You can try to start investing with a virtual account. One of them you can study in Virtual Trading Stockbit. The difference with real stock investments, Virtual Trading Stockbit uses virtual money. You will be given virtual capital of Rp. 100 million
Read More

5 Means of Financing Your Company

The need for financing and choosing how to finance your company is a constant in the life of any business and this, in its just measure, is a sign of economic health.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or the financial manager of a company, you will be forced to make a series of financing decisions, sometimes difficult.

In the market, there are multiple fundraising solutions but not all are valid for your business model.

How to finance my company and through what means?

To answer this question, first we have to consider the following:

  • All financing generates a cost.
  • This cost will vary depending on the source we choose to obtain funds.

Experienced accountants at recommend the following:


Analyse in detail the type(s) of project you want to carry out and for which you will need external funds. Once you have done this, establish the amounts and limits in relation to these three factors:


  1. Necessary Capital: How much money do I need?
  2. Term: How much time do I have to deal with the project? And for the subsequent return of the amount received?
  3. Interest rate: What kind of prices are there in the market and how much am I willing to pay?


The answer to all these questions will help you to know how to finance your company and what is the best means.


Most common means of financing

The first thing we have to consider is whether the need for funds is for the short or long term. The most common is that there is a combination of both.

Let’s see the most common …


  1. Advance of invoices or commercial credits

The advance of invoices will allow your company to finance itself in the short term, this means obtaining immediate liquidity.

Do you have a series of customers who delay the payment of their bills each month and this is beginning to have consequences for your business model?

Making use of the advance of invoices or invoice factoring can be the solution.You will be able to anticipate all the invoices that you have pending for collection until their expiration.To do so, you have two options:


  • Go to the classic banking and financing entities: In this case, they will carry out a study on the credit profile of your company and your personal profile, which will take some time. In case of being granted, fixed conditions will be imposed for all the invoice advances you make, also supporting specific commissions.
  • Online financing methods: They will be fast and flexible. They respond to your request in a maximum of 24 hours. Free of commissions and guarantees. For each invoice, a different interest rate will apply for which a professional investors’ pool will bid, and the holder can choose the price that suits them best.


  1. Invoice discounting

This will allow you to have an amount of a credit, the amount of the invoice will be discounted, usually in the form of a percentage depending … Read More